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Performance Ritual of regeneration

Kristiansand, Norway, 2018

Idea: Irina Lavrinovic in collaboration with Ravnedans Festival
Design and choreography: Irina Lavrinovic
Performers/space holders: Karine Bull-Gjertsen, Adelin, Siv Anne Tollevik, Lisa Marie Hovden, Axel Rudolphi, Irina Lavrinovic

Ritual of Regeneration is a cultural event drawing bridges between two cultural mediums - performing arts and ritual. The work was created during the six days of the Ravnedans Festival 2018 in Kristiansand, Norway. It manifested as the festival’s closing event at a venue called Teateret as well as aligned to the new moon and the solar eclipse on 13th of July. It was a collaboration between  Irina Lavrinovic and Ravnedans’ organizers that made this event to happen.

The audience of Ravnedans was invited to join Irina and a group of local none/ professional performers, for a ritual of regeneration. The ritual invoked the part that women performed in ancient times as spiritual generators within their own communities. First names become source material that is said, chanted and danced, giving a spiraling energy to an event that sheds new light on issues of togetherness and on the place of women in personal and communal history.

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