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Irina Lavrinovic

A Brussels based performing artist and researcher in eco-somatic body practices. She has BA and MA degrees in theater, (LMTA, Lithuania, 2010) and a second MA in Autonomous Design (KASK, Belgium, 2019).


Irina works with dance, voice and drawing practices, investigating
(im)materiality and the movement in between things. Inspired
by forgotten and suppressed local mystical traditions, she is
exploring vegetal and feral origins of her artistic practice(s). As
in her performances, Forming a Spiral Landscape (KASK, 2019)
and Ritual of Regeneration (Ravnedans Festival, Norway, 2018),
Irina’s works often reframe the role of the spectator by giving
significant space for agency and response-ability. She blurs
lines between the artistic and the ceremonial by focusing on
the design of social situations in which a sense of temporary
collectivity can emerge.

Irina often collaborates and co-creates together with others. From 2016 she is engaged in an artistic unit with Asher Lev and together they made the performances OutOf aiR (2016) and Ms. 5G & The Respiratory Machine (2020) that toured around the world, on and offline. From 2021, Irina and her partners, Asher Lev, Robert Steijn and Hélène Lacrosse have been exploring art at the intersection of mythology, community and ecology. The framework for this research, named The Dionysian Portal, supports a deep investment in reclaiming a wild and sacred nature for performance in western culture.

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